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Welcome to the family


Over the years, hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents have become part of the Jersey Strong family.  When you enter a WoW facility, you can feel the “family atmosphere” that was part of Mary Roma’s vision when she founded the first WoW in Tinton Falls back in 1992. Since then WoW has grown to one of the top 30 health clubs in the United States.

The Tinton Falls location was a huge success and soon after opening, Mary’s husband Steve Sr. sold his computer leasing company and came aboard full-time as the CEO of WoW. Around the same time, Stephen Jr. was in college majoring in exercise science, and this firmly set the cornerstones in place for a successful family owned and operated business.

Throughout WoW’s history and continuing today, many of the Roma family’s close friends and family can be found in various positions in the company. The closest being Stephen’s wife Heidi who is Director of Retail Sales and the Chairperson of WoW’s foundation called the Jersey Strong Foundation.

WoW is all about people – members and staff alike. The WoW formula for success is a simple one. Provide members with large state-of-the-art facilities and offer a world-class variety of guided exercise options that are delivered by the best fitness professionals in New Jersey.

It’s this sense of connection and commitment to quality that makes WoW a health club like no other.